A mammogram is a picture of the breast taken by x-ray. The mammogram is used to check for breast cancer in women without any signs or symptoms of the disease. It is a preventative screening that can help keep women safe. It is important to schedule a mammogram in New Jersey each year after age 40, although women with a history of breast cancer in their family may want to get them sooner.

The benefits of mammograms far outweigh any potential disadvantages. The benefits of the mammogram include:

·    Early detection of breast cancer

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·    Prevent spread of disease

·    Early treatment reduces risks of death

A mammogram can save your life. It is the best and most accurate detection tool available to women. Since breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women and the most common type of cancer, it is essential that you are proactive in keeping yourself safe.

Mammograms help fight the fight against breast cancer. It is wise to schedule a mammogram if you care about your life and want to lead a full life ahead.

A breast cancer screening, or a mammogram, can reduce your risk of death by 20% to 30%. Those numbers are significant, especially when your life is potentially on the line.

Many women think the mammogram is painful or scary. It is understandable that you might have some concerns but you should not. The mammogram is completely safe and does not cause any pain or discomfort whatsoever.

Find a doctor who performs mammograms and schedule an appointment if you have not done so in the past year or if you have never had a mammogram. It is important that you take measures to protect yourself and this is one of the very best tools available to prevent breast cancer.