Does any procedure related to your teeth and gums easily freak you out? While modern technology makes the processes much less painful than before, they still sound just as scary. 

Besides, they don’t just have to do with tooth extractions and infections. Getting a dental implant in Sarasota or others, for example, will provide you with an explanatory outline. However, there are certain cases in which you need to prevent dental implants.

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Situations to consider

Dental implants are the perfect procedures to help you replace your infected or missing teeth. After all, nobody prefers a broken smile. But despite the popularity, there are some circumstances under which you must avoid getting dental implants.

The Age Factor

In children and early teens, the jawbone tissue is still developing. Therefore, getting a dental implant can be risky as it depends on it for support. The procedure will only be effective for a handful of years. So, undergoing this procedure before your early-twenties is inadvisable.


Since the procedure often requires you to sit through surgery, you will have to avoid it during pregnancy. Moreover, the anesthesia could also affect your condition.

In case you are going for a type of elective surgery, waiting until after the baby is born is advisable. The reason behind this is that the procedure can be harmful to your newborn.

In case of diseases

In case you are suffering from certain diseases, getting dental implants can be a risky task. For example, specific types of diabetes could go further beyond your control.

You also need to check if you suffer from other diseases related to deficiencies in your immune system or hemophilia.

Final Thoughts

Getting dental implants sounds like a good strategy to fill in the gaps in your smile. However, you need to be acknowledging of certain conditions where the surgery would prove inadvisable for you.